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Unhealthy Fixation. The war against genetically modified organisms is full of fearmongering, errors, and fraud.

In an article published on 15 July 2015, the author reviews the evidence of claims in relation to genetically modified organisms (GMOs). Some quotes from the article: “First, it’s true that the issue is complicated. But the deeper you dig, the more fraud you find in the case against GMOs. It’s full of errors, fallacies, […]

The genome of cultivated sweet potato contains Agrobacterium T-DNAs with expressed genes: An example of a naturally transgenic food crop

Among 291 tested accessions of cultivated sweet potato, all contain one or more transfer DNA (T-DNA) sequences. These sequences, which are shown to be expressed in a cultivated sweet potato clone (“Huachano”) that was analyzed in detail, suggest that an Agrobacterium infection occurred in evolutionary times. One of the T-DNAs is apparently present in all cultivated sweet […]

Europe’s leading plant scientists call on national and European politicians to think again about the role of plant research, including the use of genetically modified (GM) plants.

The Open Letter signed by the scientists points out that if Europe is to reach the Horizon 2020 goals of tackling the societal challenge to provide a growing population with food in a sustainable way, they have to act for 1) adequate funding for plant science 2) possibilities to perform field experiments and 3) prompt […]

PRRI letter to the President-elect of the European Commission about Chief Science Advisors

In a letter to Mr Jean-Claude Juncker PRRI underlines the extremely valuable role that chief scientific advisors have in governments and organisations, and expresses surprise that some organisations seem to be afraid that the EC President would have access to independent advice of a highly experienced and highly recognised scientist.   The full text of […]

PRRI and farmers organisations express concerns about EU GMO policies and regulations

At the occasion of World Food Day, PRRI and various European farmers’ organisations  expressed in an open letter to the EU Institutions their concern about the impact of EU GMO policies and regulations on the potential of modern biotechnology to strengthen sustainable food production. The letter starts with recognising that the EU regulatory system for GMOs, […]

The French deal: GM technology traded off for nuclear energy

In an interview in the French daily newspaper ‘Les Echos’, former French Prime Minister François Fillon confirmed the widely circulating rumor about a  deal between President Sarkozy and ecologists in which GM technology was traded off for nuclear energy. Discussing the topic “Biotech and precaution”, the article says (translation): “Among the sectors that will be essential to move towards […]


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