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  • Allow Golden Rice Now – Campaign

    “Golden Rice is a cure for a crisis that kills more people each year than malaria, HIV/Aids or tuberculosis. The actions against genetic modification by Greenpeace and its allies has blocked this cure, resulting in 8 million deaths, mostly among poor children. We believe this is a crime against humanity as defined by the International Criminal Court. Help […]

  • PRRI and farmers organisations express concerns about EU GMO policies and regulations

    At the occasion of World Food Day, PRRI and various European farmers’ organisations  expressed in an open letter to the EU Institutions their concern about the impact of EU GMO policies and regulations on the potential of modern biotechnology to strengthen sustainable food production. The letter starts with recognising that the EU regulatory system for GMOs, […]

  • The French deal: GM technology traded off for nuclear energy

    In an interview in the French daily newspaper ‘Les Echos’, former French Prime Minister François Fillon confirmed the widely circulating rumor about a  deal between President Sarkozy and ecologists in which GM technology was traded off for nuclear energy. Discussing the topic “Biotech and precaution”, the article says (translation): “Among the sectors that will be essential to move towards […]


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